'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'

--Benjamin Franklin--

Conceived in 2015 by Dr Deeksha Pandey, Team-3D started as a small group of like minded individuals who joined hands to spread awareness and talk about health issues people are shy or scared to talk about. In one year this concept attract many more and the group evolved as 'Team-3D" a Nationally Registered Not for Profit Organisation in November 2016. We strive to promote facts demystify myths and help create a healthier, bolder and more positive 'Gen Next'.

A group of highly motivated individuals from an array of professions ranging from Medicine to management unified by a common goal to make youth aware of practising safe sexual practices. We achieve this through Interactive workshops, fact files and workbooks, a documentary, a flash mob and a street play. We have also branched out to focus on older age groups to raise awareness about common health issues faced by people and bust myths and misconceptions surrounding them. Our founder and mentor Dr Deeksha Pandey has also authored two books aimed at addressing health issues faced by Indian women. Over 18 months, we have grown in leaps and bounds. We have over 120 volunteers and have organised 17 workshops in Manipal University and another out of state level workshop in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu where our most recent book launch occurred. We also have a research wing which is involved in Epidemiological research and conducts studies to better understand the prevalence and impact of these diseases in our society.