School of communication in collaboration with team 3D brings to you an interdisciplinary international conference on March 16th and 17th 2018, with an aim of bridging gaps and raising awareness in the areas of women, media and sports.


Conceived in September 2015 as a brainchild of our founder, Dr Deeksha Pandey who having experienced many patients in her practice felt there is an immediate need to educate the masses about many health issues facing people. We began with a small team to spread awareness amongst students of MU about the dangers of unsafe sex. Due to popular demand, we decided upon a three pronged approach to address major health issues faced by people of various age groups.

Working under the banner of Research Directorate, Manipal University and Rotary Club Manipal, we have conducted a total of 17 workshops in various colleges of Manipal University. In August of 2016 we held our first out of state workshop at Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu where our interactive workbook was launched. A street play and a flash mob were organised to spread awareness amongst students and staff of MU. We have used every resource at our disposal including fact files, workbooks, social media, websites and online videos to raise awareness.

With over 120 volunteers we evolved into 'Team-3D" a Nationally Registered Not for Profit Organisation in November 2016 and was covered in AOGIN in the same month. Looking for innovative ways to achieve our goal of promoting facts, demystify myths and helping to create a healthier, bolder and more positive 'Gen Next' we have incorporated many ideas. A research wing headed by distinguished faculty from MU conducts dedicated epidemiological studies to better understand the prevalence of these diseases. In a nutshell, we strive to be a part of a healthy, informed and responsible society of individuals.