PARICHAY- The act of introducing someone or something, or getting to know someone. Parichay, Team 3D's official inauguration as a Non-Profit Organization and the official website launch saw all of the movers and shakers of Manipal gathered in one hall, celebrating the spirit of Team 3D. The Vice Chancellor of Manipal University, Dr. VinodBhat, our chief guest for the inauguration, graced the occasion not only with his presence but with his wisdom and showed tremendous support for our cause. He commended the work that has been done by 3D and gave us his best wishes for an even brighter future.

It's easy to look at the finished product and assume it was easy to reach this point, but looks can be deceiving. Parichay was the culmination of the hard work of the entire 3D family. Special mention to the Dr.Deeksha Pandey. Team 3D is her brainchild and she has worked tirelessly, relentlessly and against all manner of negative criticism to get Team 3D to where it is today.

Parichaywas an opportunity to explain to Manipal what our goal and aim is. We were able to clear misconceptions that were floating around regarding our intentions. We were ableto tweak the interest of many institutions and received an outstanding number of requests for conducting workshops this year.

We could not be more proud of our website which was formally launched during Parichay. The website allowed us to publicize all the events, workshops and activities that we had conducted since the conception of 3D. It also served as a platform for registration for people aspiring to be a part of the family.

A wise person once said:When you feel you've done a lot, do more. This will definitely be Team 3D's motto for a long time to come!