3D Workbook release by Dr Rajendra Bhandari and Manju Singhwi (President), SSS Foundation at Tuticorin

Team 3D made its debut outside Manipal when it visited Tuticorin in August, 2016. Here, the success of our workshops led to an association with SSS Foundation, an NGO which serves the underprivileged under three main categories : health care, skill development/vocational training and safety from natural as well as man-made disasters.

The Team 3D Workbook, released by President Manju Singhwi and Trustee Dr Rajendra Bhandari of SSS Foundation, contains compiled scoring systems for 8 common health problems in women which can be identified early and the progression of which can be prevented. These scoring systems were adopted either from well validated tools from literature or modified versions of existing scoring systems, validated retrospectively using small cohorts of samples. After answering a few simple questions, a woman could determine her risk for a particular condition, and she can then make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible!