3 wings of 3D

Team-3D as the name suggests is dedicated to cater the important psychological, emotional and health related needs of three crucial phases of our life line. The 3 wings of 3D are as follows

Dreams (for 13-18 years of age)

DREAMS: As the teen age starts, so starts a full world of curiosity inside us. Lot of dreams and lot of ambitions start sprouting. But not to forget this is also the age of a start of a different hormonal milieu, related physical changes and resultant emotional turbulence. This coupled with media exposure can affect the immature psychology of a child towards negativity. Parental support and counselling is of the most important need at this time of life. However in our culture most of the time either parents are ignorant, inexperienced or too busy to handle this situation with care. Schools and teachers are the second group that can come forward to cater these needs of pubertal minds. Unfortunately they lack the education/experience towards discussing these issues with children and as a results keep on ignoring it. Because someone has to come forward – Team-3D decided to take this challenge. We plan to hit at various levels that includes- school counsellors, teachers, parents and children. We plan to conduct tailored small group workshops / discussion to educate these each of these groups individually in a manner that is educative, effective and mild keeping in mind the delicate transition of these brains.

Desires (for 18-30 years of age)

DESIRES: Desires is the group who has just left the prison of home and has entered in a sky of freedom to soar high. But do they really mean what freedom is? What freedom can lead to, if not limited with conscious efforts? We in Team-3D are dedicated to divert this enormous energy, bubbling with desires towards creativity and positivity. We conduct tailored workshop for them educating them about the consequences of unsafe practices. We also give them a chance to be a part of us as volunteers or members to work for a cause which is very important yet highly ignored in our society. We motivate them to discuss and talk about their problems and mental states instead of struggling with their own internal fights and seeking the answers in 'Google guru' – which is full of information, unfortunately most of it is misinformation. From these minds which understand this concept and are inspired to work for it, we prepare leaders for future, so as to carry forward the flame of this emerging vital concept.

Destiny (for 30 plus age group)

DESTINY: The equation which sets how well we have worked with our dreams and desires that decides our destiny. Our habits, our ignorance can sometimes make us prone to deadly diseases. But still there is time to change the course of events – that comes by understanding the ultimate future, aging, menopause/andropause and the health issues related to that. We conduct workshops to educate men and women for various screening strategies for prevention/early recognition of these issues. We also teach them about life style modification and coping up strategies for normal age related changes. We have also devised eight scoring systems compiled in a form of a workbook which people can use sitting at home without the need to go to the hospital. However we also make them aware that these workbooks (and apps- in the process of creation) are not an alternative to consulting a doctor. However this knowledge can be used as an adjunct to routine medical care.